Some time ago I went on a quest to find an RSS feed for the NASB translation of the Bible that went straight through in a year, and contained the text within the actual RSS (no external links necessary). I was unable to find anything, so I began work on a script that would create such a […]


Last night, my dad said something inspiring. He was helping me pick rocks out of our flower garden, and as he went to leave, I thanked him again. And he said, “You’re welcome. I just want to try and be helpful like my dad (my grandpa).” As most people in our church know, my grandpa […]


As many of you might have noticed, I’ve been sick lately. Normally, that’s not blog-worthy, even if it is a rare occassion. However, this morning was the first time I had been to church in three weeks. I was up front playing guitar with the worship team and started to sing along with one of […]


It’s amazing to me that God can still show me new things in a story I’ve heard and read a hundred times or more. This morning, Pastor mentioned the host of angels that appeared to shepherds just outside of Bethlehem. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has had this misconception, but I’ve […]

moving along

Tomorrow, I embark on a new journey. I’ve been working at an office supply shop doing computer and network service for the last few months. It’s been fun, but there’s just been something missing. My coworkers are great (they’ll probably never read this). I’ll miss Tom, Jeremy, and even April too. Denny…not so much. Actually, […]