Nothing would be the same without my darling one and only. Today marks four years since she said, “Yes.” I love you, and you’re still my favorite. It also happens to be the day to remember Saint Valentine. Whoever he was.


LLL            OOO      VVV   VVV   EEEEEEEEE
LLL          OOOOOOO     VVV VVV    EEE
LLL         OOO   OOO     VVVVV     EEEEEE
LLL          OOOOOOO       VVV      EEE
LLLLLLLLL      OOO          V       EEEEEEEEE

      YYY   YYY      OOO      UUU   UUU
        YYYYY      OOOOOOO    UUU   UUU
         YYY      OOO   OOO   UUU   UUU
         YYY       OOOOOOO    UUU   UUU
         YYY         OOO       UUUUUUU

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