This last weekend we had a Bishop family reunion. Most of my aunts and uncles were there, with a few grandkids, and even a few great-grandkids. In all, there were about thirty of us there. My cousin Brett got a hold of my camera, so there are a lot of pictures.

Reminds me of another time when he took almost two hundred pictures with it during Thanksgivining. It was shortly after I got my new camera, and I wanted to see how many pictures could be taken on one set of batteries (rechargables, the alkalines never did more than twenty or thirty).

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, except I missed out on the bowling, because it got too late (I know, I’m getting old). One thing I am quite excited about is that my aunt Debbie got a lot more old pictures to scan, so I’ll have more to add to the Bishop Family History section sometime in the near future.

I also finished a video project that I had been working on, with completely free and open source tools, but more on that later.

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