A lot has happened since my last post. Eight days after the last post, I married the love of my life. She was beautiful, and I think the wedding went pretty well too. We spent our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was awesome, as I’ve only seen the ocean once before, and that was in Maine. We got all sorts of exercise the first few days, as we walked here there and everywhere. Our motel was only two blocks from the beach, and it was in a residential area, so there weren’t scads of tourist everywhere. On Wednesday, we walked about three or four miles to a beachwear shop, and decided it was time to rent a car. I built a sand castle on Thursday, and it lasted (sort of) until we left on Sunday. The flight back was crazy. We were delayed 2 hours to Newark, and the flight back to Omaha was cancelled. So we spent 24 hours waiting for the next available flight. It was miserable. I never want to be stuck in an airport again. At least not in Newark, New Jersey. We took all sorts of pictures, so you can see those in the gallery.

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